I Never Cease to Be Amazed

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I just spent a week at Real Estate Bar Camp Orlando and the Florida Realtor’s State Convention in Orlando.  No worries, I am not going to talk real estate because that’s not really what I do (now).

I have done a lot of things in my life and the one thing I know I would never do again is work for anyone else. That is a big NEVER!  Even USA Today published an article about how many people are venturing out on their own, how they do not trust corporate America.  Me, I just don’t want to be stifled ever again.

Stifled?  Yes, stifled.  I am a very creative person and my thoughts wander all the time (possibly ADD).  I don’t do well in a stifled atmosphere whether it is work, marriage, or a friendship.

Yes I am “in” real estate but I don’t list or sell.  I moved away from all that when I discovered how good I was at all things social media.  In social media I am never stifled and I never cease to be amazed when I fill a room with people who come to hear me have a discussion.  I don’t just talk, I discuss.  I call on people, I sometimes put them on the spot, but I get response from these discussions and okay I get appointments which is where I make my money now.

I believe there is so much untapped talent to be something or someone else in our lifetimes and I also believe that when the stifled feeling is too much to bear, you will burst onto the scene and reinvent yourself.

For some people this is a terrorizing idea, being stifled is a comfort zone.  I never cease to be amazed by people whom I know could be successful on their own but stay in a cubicle 8-5.

Look inside yourself, you are a talented person in an area that isn’t related to that cubicle.  We all are – and I heartily encourage you to dip your toes in the water and try something new.  You don’t have to leave your job – there are other hours in the day to get your feet entirely wet.

You may amaze yourself like I did when I signed up to present at Bar Camp last week on the 3 C’s of Facebook success.  I walked into a full room of people, held a discussion and when our time was up it all ended to a round of applause. Applause is a signal of arrival – and in reply to someone who tried to stifle me last year I have a “real” job.  *Applause*.  I never cease to be amazed though.  😉





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