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Today I said goodbye to my son who came down from Cleveland, Ohio to spend some time with me.  He is a great son, he has a girlfriend, he has twin daughters, he has a grandson himself.  He gets it though.  He understands that one on one time with me is important.  He is a family man.

I would love to do more with my family, the thing is I live in the Tampa area, they live in the Cleveland area, and never will the two meet again in my life.  I love my hometown from May 1 to October 31 and if I could live in two places I would be a snowbird.  BUT life hasn’t handed me this opportunity.  Our business is here.  My husband has grown our real estate agency to a profitable business, and I have a writing/social media business and speak all over the state.  Could we do business from Ohio?  Yes and no.  However we did make a deal to visit more.  I can see that happening with increased frequency but it is not in the cards to live there again.

That old saying about not being able to go home again is true.  Good memories or bad memories need to be left behind because things change.

What has never changed after 44 years is the fact that I love him deeply, I am proud of him, he is a good man. Isn’t that what we all hope for as parents.

October isn’t that far away – he will pick us up at the airport and there will be hugs all around again.

Now I will go into the guest room and smell him……for a while that smell will be there to comfort me.  No matter if it is a school bus or a red truck – you cry when they leave.


Tomorrow will be hard.  I already tear up.  I will cry for 2 days, I always do.  I love him so and I am so happy he returns that love but more than that we share a deep honor for each other.  I love you Jamie with all my heart.



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