How I Survived the Leftover Turkey

Don’t get me wrong, I do like turkey.  I like it the day it is roasted.  I do not like it after it dehydrates in the refrigerator.  I do not like warmed over stuffing.  In fact I really don’t like leftovers much at all.  I am not fond of opening the refrigerator and seeing boxes of left over turkey either so I took care of that!

Larry on the other hand loves left over turkey.  He could eat it year round – but then I would need a 500 pound bird and that ain’t happening in my life time.  While Larry was busy plunking around on his computer on Sunday afternoon, I took the remaining turkey and I made a huge pot of Turkey Chili and a big pot of Turkey Vegetable soup.  The Chili ended up in small containers for Larry’s lunches, and the soup also ended up in the freezer for now because this afternoon after replenishing the larder, I will make Turkey Tortilla soup.   I am sure it will be every bit as good as the chicken version.  Larry should end up with enough turkey for a couple sandwiches and then it will all have been recycled and that makes me happy.

There are only two of us in this house and yet we have a 25 cubic foot refrigerator in the kitchen and in the garage we have not only a full freezer but also another refrigerator (with no freezer compartment).  The refrigerator in the garage holds a lot of beer and wine, a case of FUZE, Larry’s apples and oranges, a case of yogurt, leftovers, and usually extra produce.  I like a clean and neat refrigerator.  The one in the kitchen holds all the things I use on a daily basis and is very neat and organized.  I am not a fanatic like this one pharma rep I worked with who actually organized her pantry and refrigerator alphabetically.  I just like being organized.

Thanksgiving wiped me out though.  I am on empty and need a trip to the grocery store today.  Over the past 5 days I depleted my reserve.  However it was all worth it.  We had a delicious Roast Glazed Turkey that literally fell off the bones.  We had a Rustic Bread Stuffing with Dried Cranberries, Hazelnuts and Oyster Mushrooms.  We had Scalloped Sweet Potatoes in Lemon-Ginger cream which were my favorite part of the dinner and I will make those again.  We had Green Beans in Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette, and  I made a Honey Lemon Cranberry Sauce.  Two people and all that fuss.  I love the fuss and when we have no guests I can fuss up a storm and step away from the traditional family dinner.

My Christmas dinner is over the top too, but we love being in the kitchen together and emptying the larder so to speak.  Last night though I had enough meat and potatoes and I whipped up Ravioli and a salad.  Enough is enough and recycling the turkey puts a new spin on “Bye Bye Birdie”.

The house is now decorated for the holidays and Taffy has claimed his favorite spot in the house.  He sits on the floor right next to Larry’s electric train because he is our little engineer.  He loves that train.  He sits there hoping it will magically start up – that train makes his day.

Corky however is distressed, we had to move our furniture around and he has lost his favorite spot.  I have attached the picture I got of him last week where he sits his butt down on the arm of the leather sofa and stretches his body across the end table.  He loves it there, he can see out the front window and be master of all he surveys.

By the way a lot of the left over turkey found it’s way into the dog’s food dishes too-they promised not to tell Larry.

Corky's Favorite Spot


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