Honor, Respect, Compassion – ala Amy Stier

Cover of "Girlfriends"

Cover of Girlfriends

The other day I wrote a status update on Facebook regarding the fact that after my annual mammogram I was going out to dinner with 3 other good girlfriends – and each one of these wonderful ladies practices those three little words.

My post only referenced honor and respect, it was my sweet friend (and former RE Broker) Amy Stier who added the word compassion.  I salute you Amy for adding that word and I know if we did not live about 80 miles apart we would be seeing each other more and living by those three little words.

I do think honor and respect are close to being the same thing.  Where I see the separation is that some friends give you respect, deep true friends honor respect and that takes your friendship to a deeper level.

Real girlfriends never need reminding as to what these three little words mean.  They don’t have to practice either, it is completely natural to them, as natural as breathing.

When you get that alarming wake-up call one day that someone you are friends with is not practicing all three of these little words you suddenly realize those words are not “little”.  Those words are huge if you ever realize you gave a lot of your time/life to anyone who doesn’t know them.

As I have grown this past year I do know how meaningful those words are and the girl friends in my life now know them by heart.

Thanks Amy!




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