Hi Dad, It’s Me, Carole

Dear Willy,

I hope by now you have forgiven me for naming the sweetest little Bichon rescue in the world, after you.  I feminized your name.  I changed the “Y” to and “IE”.  It gives me great pleasure to hear Larry call her, I love her, and when he calls her, I see your face.

Cleveland's current skyline as seen from the F...

Cleveland's current skyline as seen from the Flats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Father’s Day weekend is upon us again and it was June of 1971 when I last spent a Father’s Day with you.  That’s 41 very long years, 41 sad years of missing you and wishing you had not been so damned afraid of going to the doctor when that lump first appeared.

Your grandson, Jamie, misses you so.  He got cheated out of having a wonderful grand father.  He never got to hear your advice.  He never got to go to all those damn hockey games I went to – Dad, I don’t like hockey.  Did you know that?  However I did like going to all those Cleveland Indian baseball games and we had some terrific times back in the days at that old rotten stadium which has been torn down and replaced.

I am sorry to tell you that May Co. closed a long time ago down on Euclid Ave., and Cuyahoga Community College is using the building now.

Larry and I go back once a year.  He loves to visit my favorite places.  We have been studying the history of Cleveland and how are families fit into that history.  I also want you to know I visited Riverside Cemetery at Christmas, and I cleaned off your brother’s grave for Grandma.  You never knew him.  Grandma took me there one time, obviously I never forgot.

I am fine dad.  I really am.  I am very happy and very lucky to have found a wonderful man whom you would love.

Happy Father’s Day Willy – I wish you were here.

All my love,



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