Hey Guys Have You Checked Your “Guys” This Month?

Testicle man is happy that the last bend is a ...

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Normally I write about breast ca and checking our girls out, but not so today.  Today it’s about the guy’s guys.

I am losing a friend to testicular cancer.  He’s taking his last breaths, not expected to last much longer.  In February, 2o11 he was just a normal guy or so he thought.  Except he wasn’t a normal guy because it isn’t normal to have a Stage 3C testicular cancer and it hasn’t turned out well in his case.  Many of us are very sad this is happening to him.  It’s devastating to us.

It’s Christmas guys and when you are hanging those balls on your tree, check your own…..don’t know how here is a good site:




Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of checking – just like we chicks have to do,  or check each other – what the heck, it could be fun and it could save a life.

Christmas in the post-War United States

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