"Good Lord Woman" Caroline the Stalker is Back

If there was ever a woman who deserved the “Good Lord Woman” award in life it would be Caroline from California.  She has a weirdo streak down her back like a skunk has stripes, and she loves to show up here throwing her insults because she cannot move past the fact that I had to unfriend her on Facebook. 

Good Lord Woman get over it already and crawl back into your unhappy life.  If you had a happy life you would not be stalking me and telling me I have serious issues.

You see there seems to be this concept that many people do not understand.  Privacy, as we once knew it, is gone.  You can’t run, you can’t hide.  If you think that tracing people by computer emails is CSI fiction, think again.  I have an incredible program on my computer that takes an IP address and traces it to the latitude and longitude of the sender.  I will be happy to share this with my readers because you never know when you may have a “caroline the stalker” in your life.

This is the web address:


Being a nice person I did not put her IP address at the end of the address, had I done that you all would have been able to go to google earth and put in the longitudes and latitudes and voila’ you would see where she lives.  Right down to the parking lots and other businesses.  Pretty amazing stuff.

Moving past the chick with the really serious issues I would like to share another area of privacy and security with all and that is Facebook.  Facebook makes it so simple to join, and probably many of us don’t read the terms and conditions.  I started looking into them when I blocked you-know-who and then I dug deeper when a couple of my friends started to receive warnings that their Facebook accounts were in danger of being disabled.  They have rules and they will ding you.

This is a great site you should be paying attention to and here is that web address:


There are creepy people out there, some of them you might have gone to high school with LOL so take the time to read it and set your security to protect yourself.  At this site you can down load the 24 paqe Facebook privacy page.

Furthermore in discussing how there is no such thing as privacy any longer you need to know that you are on a list somewhere.  If you rent and have good credit I, as a Realtor, can get your name.  I can get your name based on your income and credit rating.  It costs me a little money but you are on a list somewhere.  The DMV sells your height and weight information to weight loss centers.  Privacy is going going gone so maybe you want to put both addresses I provided into your favorites and use them when necessary.

Caroline – nice hearing from you again-please drop by the convention in November Larry wants to meet you.

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