For Some Life IS a Constant Football Game

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As we near the end of the football season we begin to really hear about the defense and the offense on a particular team.  In our newspaper this morning in St. Petersburg the writer wrote that the Chicago Bears could win if the defense buckled down and drags the offense onto the field to play.

I started to think about my memories of football today as I wrote my normal Sunday blog post titled “The Sanek Sunday Funnies” which can be found at Carole Sanek’s Real Estate Webblog where I write about the Sanek’s and give us a personality in real estate.

After writing from my sweet memories of football throughout our lives, I took another view of how most of our lives we are playing football.  Granted we are not on the field for real, but many of us live our lives playing for the defense or the offense which leads to being bloody and bruised a lot.

In any sports there is no gray area yet in life there is and it needs to be a form of the game somehow.  I see so many people who are so defensive all the time that after a while you just want to find another field to play on.  If you say black, they say white.  I say gray. I don’t play for the offense or the defense, I play the middle when I can.

All the writing I have done recently about choice plays right into this head-banging football game some call life.  Before anyone opens their mouth for example a moment of silence could be called for like the coin toss.  Every time I watch the coin toss it feels like it is happening in slow motion.  Think about this, how difficult would it be to keep your mouth closed and see that coin flipping in the air over and over and over.  While it is flipping your are actually thinking rather than blurting out something from the defense and in thinking you end up in the gray zone.  You actually try the gray zone-the middle.

I do not get people who always have to be right.  The truth is, they are not right all the time.  Many times they look stupid.  Many times people listening agree with them just to end the senseless discussion. After a while defensive people are no longer fun to be around.

Football has two teams and players can switch up if called upon, so why can’t people switch up and listen more, think more, and actually surprise themselves by being more agreeable once in a while.

Defensiveness and negativity go together also.  Someone told me once when he asked his ex-wife (now) why she was leaving her answer was he was too negative all the time.  That’s not the only reason I am sure.  I thought about it and I realized he is a defensive tackle in life with a big letter N on his forehead.

Me, I would rather see my life as a touch-football game.  I like to touch.  I prefer a life filled with smiles, hugs, kisses, compliments,  and played in the gray zone.  I don’t mind taking a hit now and then as long as the tackle is also a gray-zone player.  It happens – but the difference is a gray-zone tacklers will extend a hand to help you up. Gray-zone tacklers listen to your side.  A defensive tackle has their mind made up and will keep kicking you while you are down, and sometimes there is a teammate defensive tackle who jumps in and joins in the kicking.

There is always the choice to change.  It takes work, sometimes it takes a coach, but it can happen if you want it to happen.  If not the defense is going to run out of people that want to play football by their rules only.

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