Following up on Dogs Being Truly Amazing Friends

It just seemed like everywhere I turned yesterday there was a glaring reminder of Scott Bierweiler, as it should be.  I turn left out of my development every day and have to drive past the accident site where there are several make shift memorials.  Anyone with a sign board put up there condolences, and last night I made steak taco salad.

What does that have to do with this story.  Well I walked into our local Publix Store and who was standing at the delicatessen counter – our county sheriff.  The man who had to deliver the news of Scott’s accident and death.  He looked tired, very tired.  I just gave him a smile and I moved on to shop for my tacos.

I have had news over the past 10 days of 4 deaths of 3 people and Penney the Pit Bull.  I hope this is it for a while. 

Time to start feeling better and post my new blog on the startling news that the FDA missed a big one.  We have 25 generic drugs allegedly on the shelf that probably should not be there.  Read on!

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