Facebook the Epitome of Social Networking

Without a doubt Facebook, as a social networking site, rules the world of social networking BUT it is by their definition.

Yesterday I ended up in Facebook jail.  My infraction was to get involved in some high speed commenting on a friend’s wall where about 5 of us were having what is defined by Facebook terms as chatting.  Chatting is not allowed on walls and I am in Facebook jail because of this.

I immediately dug in and googled up a storm.  I found so many interesting blogs and chats from other people who have also been imprisoned.  A lot of pissed off people, most of whom never read Facebook terms, were posting their frustrations about Facebook.

Facebook rules – like I said in my opening sentence, only they rule as dictators.  Post too many messages and they would like to cut your fingers off.  Add too many friends at one time is also an infraction.  Posting events in a group – you got it, prison time or they totally disable you-like an ax murderer piece by piece.

I do understand the need to have some guidelines BUT when my warning appeared I was told I had chosen to ignore a previous warning about sending too many messages.  I never got the flipping first warning. 

My friends are offering up cakes with files in them, and of course their verbal support.  I am fine with the whole stupid mess because I was an IM/email person for years and this only takes me back there.I am allowed to chat in the chat space.  I am allowed to use their email service and I can post updates.  I just can’t comment and all that means is as much as I would like to congratulate Nicole on her son’s “graduation” pictures from Pre-K – I have to do it in a private email.  No biggie.

One good friend sent me this message:

HAAAAAAAA… they’re fucking Democrats. We have rules and limits… we just don’t know what they are… we make them up as we go. If we like you… the limits are high… if we don’t… the limits are low. Keep that in mind. Haa. Gotta love em.

The problem is from this point on I have a feeling I have a flag on my account – which means I will have to be very careful the rest of my days on Facebook.  If I ever get passionate about a wall post again they may run a taser through my computer into my keyboard and I have no dashboard camera to record the event.

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