Face On, Face Off – Social Network Infighting

Boy did I piss some people off this weekend. I had a face off on Facebook.  I stepped on some last damn nerves and now that the furor has died down I am laughing at it.  I wasn’t laughing at it when it happened because as usual I was really ticked myself, then I went through the “OMG everyone will think I am a jerk” phase and the over sensitivity phase, then the “friends validation phase” before I had my “aha” moment.

My moment came yesterday afternoon when I realized that while I did piss people off I can take great satisfaction knowing every damn time they turn on a TV, read a newspaper, or open their home page that they will be reminded that I was right and they were way off base.

The best part though was when the nerdy geek came charging in and was rewarded with emoticon kisses on Facebook for being a the hero when all the time on this side of the situation his attempts were met with thumb’s down and laughter.

We could picture him falling off his horse as he attempted to dismount, pick himself up, dust himself off saying “Take that Bitch!”  The visual counters the name-calling.

The best part of all of this though was when I realized that I did strike a nerve!  That and the fact that no matter what,  the reason they all got so hot and bothered is because they got called out and they were made to feel uncomfortable.

I will take that small victory.  The lesson in this is stick to your guns when you know you are right, and don’t let anyone make you feel bad for stating your position.  The problem with arguing on a social network is you can get ganged up on leading to an angry mob mentality.  I took my position down, deleted all my comments, and unfriended as well as blocked the heroic nerd.

I had to, his position was to be abusively insulting and I don’t take abuse from people I personally know. I can deal with anonymous abuse (I can also track locations by IP addresses).  What I know for sure is no one should take abuse  so if you are going to face off with people on Facebook, in a blog, or anywhere be prepared that they may call in the troops.

One of my closest friends on Facebook is a trained psychiatrist everyone should have a friend with that background.  We are sitting down to talk about her views on situations like this next week.

All of this plus more research is leading to a parody about what happened revolving around a very serious situation.  It’s not a planned attack on the people whom I found offensive, it is more about understanding why they made the comments they made and why they thought it was okay.

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