Energy Vampires

I would be willing to bet that every single person who reads this blog post has an energy vampire in their lives.  I did.  I got rid of her today.  Blew her away, blocked her email, and took her off my facebook friends.  Friend?  She is not a friend!  A friend wants to get to know you inside out.  I cannot remember the last time this person even asked me a personal question.  Worse yet if you do not agree with her she is rude to you.

I have had to move on past several energy vampires this year and you know what they all have one thing in common.  They are single and not in a relationship or married and in a bad marriage.  They define the phrase “all about me”.  A good relationship softens the chiseled edges these women all share.  When I picture them in my mind I see harsh looks, no smiles.  One such vampire posted a picture of herself on line that is a picture I would run from if I were a man.  No smile and this distant look in her eyes as if to say “Don’t get close.”  They won’t!

I take responsibility for attracting these people to me in the first place.  I had to have sent a message out there that brought them into my life.  Usually it is because I feel sorry for them.  I am happy, they are not, I think I can help them change and be happier.  They don’t want to, because if they did, they would try.

They always whine too.  They can’t get a job, they hate their job, they can’t get a date, they hate the man they went out with.  They are never satisfied.  One even admits it when other friends dump her, you would think she would get a clue?  No, I think energy vampires are clueless and when they lose a friend they spend all their energy trying to find a new one to suck the life out of for a while.

Last month when I was writing about new beginnings for a new year, I should have written about cleansing your soul of energy vampires.  It is absolutely a big relief when you do this.

My biggest laugh comes from one such vampire who told me she believes in the book The Secret and yet every thing that comes out of her mouth is negative and the opposite of what she wants.  If you want good things you need to ask for good things and stop bitching about the bad things.  She spends so much time emailing, in chat rooms, watching everything she can that slams anything or anyone she does not agree with.  Imagine if she took that energy and turned it around. 

You can recognize an energy vampire.  When you see their phone number on caller ID and you don’t answer it-there is your first clue.  You delete emails rather than open them from this person, another clue.  If it is your mother or mother-in-law well that’s a potential problem.  You can limit their access to you.  You can be in control.

I deliberately put myself in a happy place most of the time.  Sure there are things that trip me up, but I make sure I spend a good part of my day thinking about what I am grateful for which always puts me in a good mood.

Let’s not forget that all of us, every single one of us has been an energy vampire at some point in our lives.  I call those momentary falls from grace, because we do get better.  We get healed.  We move on and we are happy again.

When we are happy we no longer radiate negative energy and that is like garlic, a cross and a wooden stake to an energy vampire.

You can do it.  Surrounding yourself with positive people will keep the vampires away.

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