Double Dose of Cancer – Shandelle’s Story

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This is Shandelle’s story, she is a two-time thriver after 2 different cancers and she has a different view on being diagnosed.  We all take the news differently of course.  I know Shandelle, she is a get-it-done-and-over-with woman.

Last year I went to get my mammogram, I did not feel like being bothered doing it, we all know how uncomfortable it is, but I also knew how important it is.  Being a 9 year survivor of stage 3 Colon Cancer, I knew the importance of testing and follow-ups.  I went for my appt.

This was last October and what a shock, Breast Cancer.  I thought, oh no not again, mind you, I have never gotten upset or cried when diagnosed or along the cancer journey, I view it as an inconvenience, interruption, I know that is strange but that is how I feel.  Now I would have to go to H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, in Tampa everyday for treatment. That is the part I did not like.

When I had the Colon Cancer it was 8 months everyday going for treatment.  I am not complaining but, I have a disabled son and husband and another child who needed me and I would not be there for them, that is what bothered me.  Another thing that happened was my car blew up because of having to go there daily.   My job was not held for me either, so yes, it was an inconvenience financially and very stressful.  We all know that stress is not good when you are getting treatment for any medical condition.

I had a lumpectomy and radiation, no chemo, this time.

I am very grateful we have these tests and I tell everyone to go every year get a mammogram, I had no lumps, no signs, nothing, so you never know.  You think, oh that’s not going to happen to me, but you never know and it is not worth putting off the test. Your staging and cancer treatments can be so much harder.  That is what I did with the Colon cancer.  I ignored the symptoms, thinking it was nothing.

Take the time from your busy schedule and if anything is not right with your body, GO NOW, do not delay and put it off, it is not worth it.  With the Colon cancer the Doctor cried and hugged me, he had never seen anyone at 35 get colon cancer and certainly not Stage 3.  He was shocked.

There was light at the end of the tunnel that came in the shape of good news.  I am not a carrier of the gene for Colon cancer.  I have to get the testing done for the Breast cancer, I have the paperwork and will be making my appointment soon.

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