Do We Really Die?

My Polar Star

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Yesterday a friend left his physical body and now lives in our hearts and minds.

We are physically born and we pay rent over time to the physical form that houses us, and when our form is altered in some respect by a disease or accident the rent has been paid in full.  Whom we are is transcended through time and space to live inside the hearts and minds of family and friends or even strangers.

Do we really die?  I don’t believe we do.

I also cannot say “May he/she rest in peace.”  I don’t want those I have lost to rest in peace, I want them to rumble around in my head.  I want to feel them in my heart.  I want to see them smiling at me.  That is how I know they never really died, their rent was just paid in full.

Me, I plan to think of this transition not as RIP, but as BRB (be right back).  Just like the rose that returns to us each year.  Yes, Clint Miller will be right back.


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