Did You Take Your Bitch Pill this Morning?

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That headline will raise some eyebrows and hopefully get some comments going.  Comments I can post – I have editorial privileges on my blog because of Caroline the Stalker, a “delightful” woman from southern California who pops up here now and then with a fake email address and an IP address that goes right to her street address when I use Google Earth.  I track all IP addresses these days.

She takes her pill every morning I am sure of it.

This morning while walking with a friend I brought up another person we both know that seems to take her pill every morning also.  There are women in this world that no matter what are not warm and fuzzy-they are clearly the opposite, cold and bitchy.

I am not talking about monthly cycle bitchiness, I am talking about women who must be keeping their pills at their bedside because they are like this 24/7 365 days of the year.

Some of these women are identifiable immediately and most of us know who they are and we avoid them.  Glenn Close plays these women well.  Watch her on “Damages” and you will know what I mean.  Those are the women to tread lightly around if you tread at all.  Or maybe you don’t tread because this type of woman has already cut you off at the knees.

Others are only able to be bitchy by proxy.  They send an email, they post on Facebook, they Twitter, and they try to tear you down behind your back with lies.  Why?  You threaten them.  They want people to like them so let’s make people not like you or me.

What do they both have in common?  I think they are cowards and it is easier to have people afraid of them than have people really like them.

Me, I would prefer the former to the latter.  I would rather risk my knees than have trash talked about me behind my back.

In the meantime I am not putting women down at all, I am simply pointing out how sad it is that in this day and age when we have come so far against our male counterparts, we now have to face off against other women.

I have the song “Baby There’s A Shark in the Water” as a ringtone and it is attached to one of those women who takes a pill every morning.  That way I am pre-warned and I can check my knees before answering.

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