Surviving Dealing with a Fork in the Road

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I have reached a fork in the road and I am going to have to make a choice of which road to take.  One road could lead to huge opportunities in the social media world meaning nice money in my bank account.  The other road leads to a passion of mine complete with speaking engagements, a possible book, and the opportunity to become “the face” of an international company, and make nice money.

What to do?  Which road do I take?  Me, the woman who has always flown by the seat of her pants, is stuck right now not knowing the answer.  Not that I have to really make a decision right now.  I can pull my feet out of the “stuck” and take baby steps that won’t lead in one direction over the other.  Both involve writing, so I can write my heart out.  Both involve social media but in using it in different ways.  Both involve putting myself out in public more, which is absolutely no problem for moi.

As I write I realize I can do both, I have my answer. I can walk down both roads, it is about balance, it will be about boundary setting but I can do both.  Why would I?  Because I want to -not everyone who reaches a fork in the road wants to take both roads.  I do.  I love a challenge and a wonderful new experience.

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