Day 12 of Kicking the ABC Habit

On the 12th day of kicking my good friend said to me-aren’t we just happier now?

It sounds a lot better when you sing it to the “12 Days of Christmas” tune.

It is true though.  When you do not agree with the format of a show but watch it more like it is a habit (and a bad habit at that), once you stop watching it you are happier. 

I am not totally done with ABC.  I watch Bonnie Hunt, I watch certain prime time shows but I do not watch Good Morning America and The View.

I feel like I took an Alka-Seltzer the relief is so great.  I don’t have to look at liberal news people any longer. I don’t have to listen to Sherri Shepherd gaff her way through a show any more.  I don’t have to watch all the “ga-ga” attitudes of the grown women who practically get orgasmic at any news or pictures of the newly elected President.

The only problem with my decision is I just lost a whole bunch of blogging material.  My friend, Caroline, on the west coast and I used to get on the phone and rag about the things that would come out of the mouths of these grown women. 

Damn it is tempting, but I will resist temptation and go do some yoga instead.

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