Count Down to the Breast Cancer 3 Day-Tampa Bay

Boy do I know what every one is feeling.  The golden oldie walkers are just hoping for great weather and good food, the newbies are nervous about a hundred different things and one of those is “Will I have to get in one of the vans and ride to the next pit stop?”  Let me tell you that if you are not feeling well enough to walk on, do it.  There is no failure in taking a ride, I did.  My first day was so hot and in the afternoon the sun was beating down on us.  I was dizzy and light headed and I flagged down a van and I rode one mile into the pit stop where I got refreshed, and replaced my fluids and then I walked into the camp grounds from there.  You don’t want to lie in a bus with an IV in your arm because you think this too shall pass.

I am pumped for this year’s walkers.  I know the excitement is mounting and you can’t wait to experience it all.  It is an amazing three days.  The best positive life changing experience I have ever had.  If you have never walked wait till you see the people who come out to cheer you on.  Wait till you have a survivor come up and hug you and thank you for walking.  Wait till you walk through a cheering station, and best of all wait till you get to the closing ceremony where I guarantee you there will be wet with tears smiling faces.

I envy all who walk – I miss it.  I get chill bumps and tears as I write this.  You will too when you share the experience.  I am so proud of all the walkers in the whole country.  You are all an amazing group of men and women who train long and hard to walk 60 miles in 3 days to help with women and men you may never know.  How unselfish of you all to do this, how terrific you all are, how amazing you will feel doing it, and how tired you will feel Monday morning!

Have fun, stay safe, and know that you are all in my heart and I thank you for walking.

I am hugging all of you for the 15 years I have thrived as a survivor.



and the Busted Loose Team 06 Finish Line Photo

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