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Surviving the Shock of the Change that Comes with Grief

Tweet One minute we were finishing dinner and enjoying a glass of wine and in the blink of an eye Larry had a massive stroke and died in my arms.  Talk about the shock that comes with change, this was classic PTSD. Suddenly things that mattered to me every damn day of the week were […]

Surviving and Thriving One Year Later

Tweet One year later we are in a much better place in our lives.  I call it “thriving after surviving” and I have used that phrase in my personal blog, which sadly I have not written for in quite a while.  I also use it in my Tuesday night Facebook Live segments at 7:30PM (shameless […]

Surviving a Bad Year

Tweet Surviving a bad year takes a whopping load of stamina.  On one hand rests a heavy load of gratefulness, on the other hand a heavy load of exhaustion.  2017 took so much of my energy away and replaced it with days where getting out of bed was the only thing I did.  Big scares, […]

Surviving While Trying to Reach Forgiveness

Tweet   Surviving while trying to reach forgiveness takes a lot of deep thought.  The thoughts invade your brain and you try to think them through and you eventually let go of them because you are still pissed off, you still hate someone or something, you want to slap/punch/kick in anger. This has been a […]

Surviving Letting Go of Our Dog Taffy

Tweet     It has been a year tomorrow that we had to let our boy cross over.  He had been struggling with a cough that we could never seem to get diagnosed properly.  We tried everything.  We tried different vets and he was misdiagnosed.  He was also put on meds that he did not […]

Surviving Selecting the Unfriend Option on Facebook

Tweet Surviving selecting the unfriend option on Facebook comes with many different emotions.  Many times it is easy to let go, other times it is not. Easy To Let Go: The Facebook drama queen or king It is all about them boring Facebook shit The political idiot The gamer The pervert on Facebook Those who […]

Surviving Being the Convenient Friend Until

Tweet Surviving being the convenient friend until a better offer comes along was something that happened to me as a teenager.  Marsha, my “best friend” would make plans with me to go out to our local dance club, to the movies, to dinner, whatever, and if a better offer came a long (a date) I […]

Surviving A Broken Bullshit Meter

Tweet I write this for another blog site – don’t you just love the term “bullshit meter” well most of us have one, sometimes it works, sometimes the other person is so good they don’t set it off – so here goes: I came face to face with my own authenticity recently after being faced […]

Surviving the Narcissist 2

Tweet I really did not think when I wrote my original blog post about surviving the narcissist that there would be a follow-up so soon.  I knew there would be a follow up because when I put the original article on Facebook I had people sharing it all over the place.  I knew I had […]

Surviving The Disappointing Truth

Tweet When you get hit in the face with the disappointing truth many times you find yourself bouncing off the nearest wall or running and ducking for cover. Many times the disappointing truth wears a disguise and other times it comes rolling in like the waves of an angry storm. My latest adventure with the […]