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Surviving the Shock of the Change that Comes with Grief

Tweet One minute we were finishing dinner and enjoying a glass of wine and in the blink of an eye Larry had a massive stroke and died in my arms.  Talk about the shock that comes with change, this was classic PTSD. Suddenly things that mattered to me every damn day of the week were […]

Surviving School Shootings

Tweet I know this may seem like an odd title for a blog post, but I try to start all my articles (lately) with the word “Surviving”. However what this is not going to be about is how to survive a school shooting.  I don’t have that answer.  I have had a gun pointed at […]

Surviving The Shock of Whitney Houston’s Death

Tweet Image via Wikipedia What if Whitney was just tired of it all? There is no way that any of us would not know that taking Xanax (or any other mood-altering drug) and getting into a bathtub of hot comforting water is a dangerous combination. What if she really was just tired of it all? […]

Dear Bloomington IN Where IS Lauren Spierer?

Tweet As I watched Lauren’s parents plea for help in the case of their missing daughter this morning on the Today Show I felt deep admiration for her mother who has written a blog article asking a person or persons to come forward and give up the information they are holding on to. Mrs. Spierer […]

Casey Anthony Guilty Forever

Tweet This has been an extremely emotional day for the United States with the Casey Anthony trial being brought to a close with a verdict of “not guilty”.  Those 2 words brought us to our knees. The first thing I want everyone to remember is that unfortunately and sadly children die at the hands of […]

We All Have our own Ground Zero Moments in Life

Tweet Image via Wikipedia A “ground zero” moment is when something so devastating happens to you in your life that as time goes by you hear yourself asking “was that before (the devastating occurrence) or after it?”  I call them zero-point moments. We all have them.  It is a time when our lives have irrevocably […]


Tweet Image via Wikipedia It is at times like this that I question why anyone becomes a police officer.  I talk to my friends who are married to a police officer, or have a family member on a force somewhere, the answer they give is what I expected to hear.  They wish these people close to them […]


Tweet Two words screamed into a phone that drive the worst imaginable fear into the hearts of those who hear them, officer(s) down.  This morning, here in Tampa, Florida those words rang out like arrows into our hearts.  Once again the United States is facing a funeral of a police officer and a second officer […]

Kent State University Has It Really Been 40 Years?

Tweet Boy does time fly.  40 years ago I was sitting in my office in downtown Cleveland when my mother called crying her eyes out.  When I finally got her calmed down she was able to tell me I had to go to Kent, Ohio and get my brother, Danny and bring him home.  The […]

John Couey is Dead-Has Justice Been Served?

Tweet We moved to Florida in January, 2005 and we rented a little townhouse in the tiny town of Homosassa in a very lovely development aptly named Sugarmill Woods.  One of the historic markers in Homosassa is the Yulee Sugar Mill and is now a State Park. This is truly old Florida, it has its […]