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Look for the Helpers

Tweet When I was in high school I chose to follow a career in nursing. Back in the dark ages women did not have many choices. We were encouraged to be secretaries (the descriptive word then), a teacher or an RN. I chose nursing. It was something I really wanted to do.   I started […]

Surviving 23 Years Later

Tweet   Surviving – we all do it.  We survive so many different things in our lives.  Today is October 31.  It’s Halloween and we won’t be home for the kids tonight as we are on vacation this year.  What doesn’t take a vacation is breast cancer, or for that matter any type of cancer, […]

Pink is NOT my Color

Tweet Pink is not my color.  I remember the first pink ribbon pin I was given from a friend when I was diagnosed.  I put it in my jewelry box and left it there because I don’t wear pink.  Now I treasure that pin. Several years ago when I was asked to participate in a […]

Surviving After Walking Away in Breast Cancer

Tweet I brought this over from my http;// blog because I drank the breast cancer koolaid, it tasted good at first, then it went bad. After Breast Cancer I have missed you.  I had some deep soul-searching to do.  I have also been busy with my incredibly successful business.  I needed to heal from being […]

Surviving ~ How I Went from Hope to Faith to Thrive

Tweet Those three words are not even in alphabetical order.  I recently blogged for another blog on how I feel about the word hope so I am not going to go on and on about those feelings, I just know that I am a believer.  I feel that the word hope implies there can be […]

Surviving Meeting Your Main Squeeze

Tweet If you are a woman with a history of breast cancer in your family, if you are a woman who is celebrating your 40th birthday, if you are a woman who is proactive about your health care then I have breaking news for you.  YOUR MAIN SQUEEZE IS NOT TALL AND HANDSOME. Your main […]

Surviving the Summer of Health Hell Scares

Tweet The wheel of health care fortune did not spin in the direction of good news for me this summer.  It was like the demons from Hell had my number and decided to scare the shit out of me just because they could or could they? You see I have been doing a lot of […]

Surviving and Writing About it Has It’s Perks

Tweet I am a social media evangelist and I have a long list of people whose social media I manage.  That’s my real job, my morning, noon and night time real job. I was sitting at my Hootsuite Pro screen one day and I was looking at my “Direct Mentions” and I saw a message […]

Surviving New Beginnings

Tweet Today I announced to the world I have accepted the position of Director of the Breast Cancer Wellness Ambassador program.  What the heck is that, you ask? Breast Cancer Wellness is a magazine, it is a cruise, it is about THRIVING. How did this happen to moi?  I won a cruise.  I met the […]

Surviving the Words (Again) You Have a Mass in Your Breast

Tweet Yesterday was my annual mammogram day.  As I approached the machine, the technologist asked me if I had noticed any changes.  I pointed to a spot on my right breast that I had discovered the day before while innocently checking for sore spots from a motor vehicle accident I had been in this past […]