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Surviving Father’s Day – If I Could Be With Him One More Time

Tweet Hello Dad by Carole L. Sanek (Notes) on Saturday, June 15,2013 at5:26pm I would like you to meet someone, Dad. I would like to introduce you to my wonderful husband, Larry. I know the two of you will like each other a lot because Larry is 100% Polish and you are 100% Hungarian. That’s […]

Surviving Father’s Day Without A Father

Tweet I wrote this for my public figure page on Facebook yesterday because it is my one wish especially ob Father’s Day – the one gift I wish I could give my husband.  If I could have time with my dad I would give that time to Larry so they could know each other.  It […]

Hi Dad, It’s Me, Carole

Tweet Dear Willy, I hope by now you have forgiven me for naming the sweetest little Bichon rescue in the world, after you.  I feminized your name.  I changed the “Y” to and “IE”.  It gives me great pleasure to hear Larry call her, I love her, and when he calls her, I see your […]

Dear Dad ……… All my Love, Carole

Tweet Always in my heart, always in my heart, that’s where you live now and will always live until my last breath. These days that come and go every year honoring our parents are not always happy days for many of us.  As many of us baby boomers are aging, we are aging without our […]

Memorial Day Memories 1960

Tweet I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.  That was a time when many families lived closer to each other, and we got together for every holiday.  If I had never left Ohio today we would be at the Memorial Day Parade and then there would be a huge family picnic. I know […]

Never Forget D-Day

Tweet I can’t.  My father went to France after D-Day.  His job was to clean up the country and chase any remaining German soldiers out.   They did a good job, and my father helped get a French camoflague manufacturing company back up and operational. Next spring Larry and I are heading over to England and […]