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Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve

Tweet Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve – Barry Manilow sang about it, another year of auld lang syne… I am not being maudlin (isn’t that a cool word?) because actually the definition says that often tearful sadness is accompanied by booze. I am drinking coffee. It is just another night for me.  It was […]

Surviving Christmas Now That You Are No Longer Alive

Tweet   Surviving Christmas now that you are no longer alive is a major emotional chore every day. I tried this year.  I bought a tree, it’s rather ugly and sparse but it fit my budget.  I got the decorations out that I used on our small tree in our bedroom because I was always […]

3000 Miles, 10 Days and Only 1 Argument

Tweet Not bad….considering.  3000 miles is a lot of 24/7, however with 11 years of a great marriage to fall back on, one argument is really not bad at all.  It was stupid too.  We were tired, crabby, and I don’t even know what caused it but by the next morning all was well. We […]

Do You Know About the Gift of Choice?

Tweet Image via Wikipedia This week I have listened to several well-versed people speak about the stress of the holiday season.   Today I had the chance to have lunch with a personal coach so I asked her for an opinion on why people hang on to their old memories of holidays and then allow […]