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More Thoughts About the Communication Disconnect

Tweet Image via Wikipedia There is an absolute disconnect in communication happening in this world without a doubt.  What is also happening with this electronic communication lifestyle is we have to remember which person wants to talk on the phone, which person likes email,  and which person is a texting person.  Goodness, now we have […]

To Social Network/Tech Communicate or Not – Follow up.

Tweet Image via Wikipedia This topic has certainly generated a lot of interest.  I have had private emails, Facebook discussions,  comments, and phone calls from people I know.  All in all the doors of discussing how we  choose to communicate including embracing new technologies have been thrown wide open. One friend reminded me that using a phone […]

How Friendships Change with Tech/Social Network Communication

Tweet Image via Wikipedia One of the biggest ways I believe friendships change these days is when someone doesn’t move forward with the changing times of how we communicate now. A clear example is present in my own life – I send a text and don’t get a reply.  I am not looking to start […]

More on Facebook "Security"

Tweet My telephone rang earlier this week and much to my surprise it was a reporter from our local ABC television station here in Tampa asking me if he could interview me for a story he was doing on hacking and phishing on Facebook. I was surprised and asked him how he found me – […]

Computer Hacking is a Big Business

Tweet This past weekend I learned a lot about the world of hacking first hand and hope I never have to be part of that world again.  Unfortunately though hacking has become a way of attacking other people and other countries. On Sunday my husband gave me an article from The New York Times that […]


Tweet Yesterday I woke up to find three urgent messages in my personal email inbox all purporting to be from a friend of mine with a business here in Spring Hill, Florida. All 3 were identical and asked me to reply to the email to send money because my friend was in London and had lost […]

Reading Upside Down and Other Cool Tricks

Tweet Many years ago an incident happened to one of my children at school.  It was an altercation between the child and a music teacher in which my child ended up slammed against a wall for misbehaving.  There is no doubt that as a teacher I would have been upset also, but throwing a child up against a […]

Facebook the Epitome of Social Networking

Tweet Without a doubt Facebook, as a social networking site, rules the world of social networking BUT it is by their definition. Yesterday I ended up in Facebook jail.  My infraction was to get involved in some high speed commenting on a friend’s wall where about 5 of us were having what is defined by […]

Can e-mail be Traced back to the Sender’s Actual Address?

Tweet The Answer is still ABSOLUTELY CATEGORICALLY INEQUITABLY HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a quote from a computer guru.  How many people have thought over the years about using an anonymous email to get through to someone when they have hit a nerve?  Probably all of us at one time or another.  It is a normal […]