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Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve

Tweet Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve – Barry Manilow sang about it, another year of auld lang syne… I am not being maudlin (isn’t that a cool word?) because actually the definition says that often tearful sadness is accompanied by booze. I am drinking coffee. It is just another night for me.  It was […]

Surviving Christmas Now That You Are No Longer Alive

Tweet   Surviving Christmas now that you are no longer alive is a major emotional chore every day. I tried this year.  I bought a tree, it’s rather ugly and sparse but it fit my budget.  I got the decorations out that I used on our small tree in our bedroom because I was always […]

Larry’s Best Christmas Gift

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Larry got a great gift this year, he is going golfing tomorrow.  I know that sounds dumb but he is going golfing with an old friend who no longer lives here and that is what makes it great. It hurt when David and Valerie moved back to Maryland.  I met Valerie […]

Keeping the Christmas Spirit

Tweet Image by Cadigan via Flickr One thing I have found that taking a deep breath before opening your mouth over anything as in ANYTHING is always the better way to go.  In taking a deep breath your thoughts become more clear, your eyes lose that glazed over angry look, and you are much less […]

George Bailey or Homer Simpson or the Fockers?

Tweet Image via Wikipedia It’s 3 days till Christmas and over the past week I have seen more drama than usual on Facebook (not from me) and in Tweets so I got to thinking about this because we all arrive in this season with great expectations and I don’t think many of those expectations are […]

How to Divide 1 By 7 and Come Out Even

Tweet Image by Getty Images via @daylife Families – can’t live with them, can’t live without them. In this case we are visiting our son and his family with 7 of us in one small ranch home in Parma, Ohio and 1 real bathroom.  It’s a juggling act.  It works though.  You just can’t allow […]

How I Survived the Leftover Turkey

Tweet Don’t get me wrong, I do like turkey.  I like it the day it is roasted.  I do not like it after it dehydrates in the refrigerator.  I do not like warmed over stuffing.  In fact I really don’t like leftovers much at all.  I am not fond of opening the refrigerator and seeing boxes […]

Thanks and Giving Two Wonderful Words

Tweet Yesterday I sent out my Thanksgiving email to those closest to me.  I told all of them that as I put their names into the address bar I would pause to think about how they have impacted my life.  One of the people I sent the email to is a newer friend.  She has had a […]

Birthday-Holidays and a Bernie B opinion

Tweet Everytime I hear someone say their birthday is on or very near Christmas I have immediate deep empathy for them.  I am a Thanksgiving baby.  June never let me forget that either.  I was born on a Tuesday and she had to be in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day eating cardboard turkey.  Not my fault, […]

Paint me Green and Call me The Grinch This Season

Tweet About a year ago the AARP magazine ran an article on grand parents who actually were going into deep debt over the feeling that they have to spend big money on their grand children.  In many cases the very children we all raised make more money than we make.  In talking to my friends who are […]