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Tweet Heart attack! One minute I was walking in the house from my PT session and the next minute I had chest pain that brought me to my knees. That damn elephant was sitting on my chest too and there was a strange pain radiating into both sides of my face.  I was nauseous and […]

Surviving and Thriving One Year Later

Tweet One year later we are in a much better place in our lives.  I call it “thriving after surviving” and I have used that phrase in my personal blog, which sadly I have not written for in quite a while.  I also use it in my Tuesday night Facebook Live segments at 7:30PM (shameless […]

Surviving the Summer of Health Hell Scares

Tweet The wheel of health care fortune did not spin in the direction of good news for me this summer.  It was like the demons from Hell had my number and decided to scare the shit out of me just because they could or could they? You see I have been doing a lot of […]

All It Takes is One Rogue Cancer Cell

Tweet Image via Wikipedia When Linda McCartney died I was only  years post diagnosis myself.  According to everything that had been released in the news McCartney had the exact same kind of breast cancer I had.  She had the exact same treatment I had, she died, I survived.  It was a scary day for me […]

A Man’s Perspective on Getting a Mammogram

Tweet It pinched.  Maybe twice, is what he said.  I know we all have a different tolerance for pain, and men are allegedly the stronger sex-yeah right go have a baby with full blown hard labor and we will know who is stronger. The aftermath and end result is we are still in the dark.  We […]

Male Mammogram Day Has Arrived

Tweet Funny how things affect you when things are crazy in your life.  Larry just marches on.  Me I think I have a bleeding ulcer. That is what my stomach has felt like now for the second day. I asked Larry what his thoughts are and he said “Positive like they were with my heart […]

My Husband Has a Lump in his Breast

Tweet I will not beat around the bush.  I will not sugar coat this in any way at all.  My husband has a lump in his left breast.  He found it while drying off from his morning shower on Wednesday morning and never said a damn word to me all day.  When he walked in the […]

New Beginnings 1/26/09

Tweet The following is a joke that appeared in my email in box on Sunday and I thought it was an appropriate way to talk about what really matters.  I will continue  this thought line after the joke. Here’s something to think about. I recently picked a new primary care doctor. After two visits and […]