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Surviving That Decision re: Hiring a Coach

Tweet Yes, today’s blog is about surviving that decision re: hiring a coach.  Things are out of sync, your business is stagnant, your love life is non-existant, something is wrong and you just cannot put your finger on it.  This happens to all of us and we all need help from time to time to […]

Dear Rod E Smith

Tweet New friends and followers can be simply the best – and once again I owe an idea for blogging to a very inspiring man, Rod E. Smith, MSMFT. Rod actually found my blog about a month ago and he picked up the phone and called me.  How is that for cool?  I immediately recommended […]

Does Scarlett O’Hara Live Inside All Women?

Tweet I had this incident this weekend on Facebook – or I should I say I used Facebook to address an incident and that got me thinking about my favorite fictional heroine-Scarlett O’Hara.  In fact I think my new mantra will be “What Would Scarlett Do?”  WWSD.  When Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone with the Wind […]