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Surviving A Cruise Ship Disaster

Tweet The question is can you survive a cruise ship disaster? Cruise ships are floating hotels on the water, often on deep water.  If you had to abandon ship you won’t be standing on the sandy bottom of the ocean with your head above water. I have friends who made it out of the MGM […]

Shock and Awe Times 2

Tweet Today is the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and as I watched all the ceremonies Tom Brokaw made a comment about the 9/11 generation.  I thought about that for a moment and then I realized there are many people whose lives were affected by WWII that are still alive.  The horrendous attack on Pearl Harbor […]

No Mosque at Ground Zero

Tweet Image via Wikipedia I usually try to stay away from political opinions but today, 9/11/10 that is difficult to do. To begin with, I live in Florida about 90 minutes away from Pastor Terry Jones who wants to burn the Quran.  He is passionate about his beliefs, I do not doubt that. We have […]

NOAA oil spill maps UPDATE: BP oil leak projections for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida Keys, Miami

Tweet NOAA oil spill maps UPDATE: BP oil leak projections for Tampa, St. Petersburg, Florida Keys, Miami. Yesterday I read an article on about how people seem to be disinterested in this spill and are moving away from talking about it. Unfortunately those of us who sell and list homes are not moving away […]

Need to Fuel Indignation-Make a Facebook Comment about the Oil Spill

Tweet Image by SkyTruth via Flickr I certainly sparked a comment thread by re-posting the idea that came from a Russian physicist who believes BP should detonate a nuclear explosion to cap the well.  No I am not on board with that idea considering of course would the ramifications of that be worse than murdering […]

We face years of Toxic Rain | Before It’s News

Tweet We face years of Toxic Rain | Before It’s News. I do understand how the Russian’s like to exaggerate – but since rain does draw from the seas this horrible dispersant is going to be covering our atmosphere without a doubt.  Corexit 9500 is banned in Europe.  A group of people in Ohio thought […]

The Real Truth About the Oil Spill

Tweet Image by philippe leroyer via Flickr What I know for sure is you won’t get it out of Washington.  You won’t get it on the nightly news.  You won’t get it in any syndicated articles UNLESS they are coming from any of the local newspapers in the gulf states.  If you want the real […]

What I Know for Sure About the Oil Spill

Tweet I stayed away from this subject for too long and I decided I can’t stay away.  It is injuring our way of life here in the Gulf states – it is a crisis of the worst proportions.  It is a serial killer because it is going to destroy innumerable living things. It’s the OIL […]

What I Know for Sure – The Oil Spill Has My County Under a State of Emergency

Tweet Last week I posted a comment on Facebook about how horrible the oil spill is, and how I am against off shore oil drilling in the gulf.  A lot of people shy away from making political statements on Facebook because comments inflame people, angry words spill out, and sometimes friendships suffer.  I only had one […]