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Surviving Firing Crazy People from Your Life

Tweet Surviving Firing Crazy People from Your Life   Yes, you will find yourself surviving firing crazy people from your life; in fact you will actually wonder what took you so long to say “You Are Fired.”   The other day a meme appeared on my Facebook wall and I am kicking myself for not […]

Surviving the Energy Vampire

Tweet Surviving the energy vampire isn’t easy.  By the time your energy vampire has gotten their teeth into you it becomes much more difficult.  We try so hard to be good friends, good people, nice people.  Sometimes we go to far and we find ourselves staring out of a deep abyss into nothingness after one […]

Surviving a Horrible Crazy Person

Tweet Now there’s a title, and the question is how many of us have survived a horrible person?  All of us would probably be the correct answer. However what if this particular horrible person was so crazy and so good at being crazy that you didn’t realize how horrible they are until it was too […]