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Surviving While Trying to Reach Forgiveness

Tweet   Surviving while trying to reach forgiveness takes a lot of deep thought.  The thoughts invade your brain and you try to think them through and you eventually let go of them because you are still pissed off, you still hate someone or something, you want to slap/punch/kick in anger. This has been a […]

Surviving Firing Crazy People from Your Life

Tweet Surviving Firing Crazy People from Your Life   Yes, you will find yourself surviving firing crazy people from your life; in fact you will actually wonder what took you so long to say “You Are Fired.”   The other day a meme appeared on my Facebook wall and I am kicking myself for not […]

Surviving After Sharing an Unpopular Opinion

Tweet Surviving after sharing an unpopular opinion is something we have all been through.  Heavens with all the fake news, real news, bullshit, and more going around out there it is easy to share an unpopular opinion and potentially piss people off. Several years ago I got into hot water when I saw a trailer […]

Surviving the Energy Vampire

Tweet Surviving the energy vampire isn’t easy.  By the time your energy vampire has gotten their teeth into you it becomes much more difficult.  We try so hard to be good friends, good people, nice people.  Sometimes we go to far and we find ourselves staring out of a deep abyss into nothingness after one […]

Surviving That Decision re: Hiring a Coach

Tweet Yes, today’s blog is about surviving that decision re: hiring a coach.  Things are out of sync, your business is stagnant, your love life is non-existant, something is wrong and you just cannot put your finger on it.  This happens to all of us and we all need help from time to time to […]

Surviving Selecting the Unfriend Option on Facebook

Tweet Surviving selecting the unfriend option on Facebook comes with many different emotions.  Many times it is easy to let go, other times it is not. Easy To Let Go: The Facebook drama queen or king It is all about them boring Facebook shit The political idiot The gamer The pervert on Facebook Those who […]

Surviving The New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

Tweet Yes you heard it here first I will be ready for surviving the new year’s resolution to lose weight.  Damn those resolutions, full speed ahead.  Why the heck do we make them?  Do we make them to break them?  I don’t think so but why don’t we just do what we need to do […]

Surviving Family Secrets – I Have Questions

Tweet Surviving family secrets – I have questions.  We all have family secrets so I hope to get some answers.  I was asked this myself recently by someone who was holding onto a really deep dark secret – sometimes I wonder if the writers of the TV show “Dallas” have seep dark secrets.  All kidding […]

Surviving People That Always Have to be Right

Tweet Years ago, while I was going through breast cancer, I had an amazing therapist who worked with people who had “traumatic diagnosis”.  Norma is an incredible woman and she knew I was living in a relationship with a man who always had to be right.  He always had to have the last word.  You […]

I Never Cease to Be Amazed

Tweet I just spent a week at Real Estate Bar Camp Orlando and the Florida Realtor’s State Convention in Orlando.  No worries, I am not going to talk real estate because that’s not really what I do (now). I have done a lot of things in my life and the one thing I know I […]