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Surviving Those Who Should Know Better

Tweet Peasant Funeral (Photo credit: paukrus) The pen is mightier than the sword.  I took Samsung to task and got all new appliances after mine crashed within a month.  Social media is a wonderful place to take on big corporations. Yesterday I allowed a young woman to make me feel like a peasant in a […]

Winning the Lottery

Tweet That’s an attention-getting headline and I chose it on purpose because life is a lottery and there are many times when  we all win in the lottery of life. I won a lottery when my breast cancer was diagnosed 18 years ago and has never returned.  My husband won the lottery when he got […]

Surviving Abandonment Issues

Tweet I have made amazing friends over the past several years.  I met most of them on Facebook, and I have met many in person. Last week I finally got to meet a lovely woman who has lead an amazing life up to this point, and it will only get better.  She has a therapist […]

I Found Gary Zukav Again

Tweet Gary Zukav, well-known author, who has appeared many times on The Oprah Winfrey Show, had a quote on his Facebook page today that I felt I needed to share. “Answers that come through your intuition may challenge what you would prefer to do. Your lower self, your personality, will not challenge, but rationalize.”  Thanks […]

#Winners Take the High Road

Tweet You take the high road, and I will take the low road, and I’ll be to Scotland before you……the way I see it the reason the high road takes longer is because idiots in life throw gauntlets at you.  You have to stop to dodge them with the grace and fortitude that comes with […]

More Re-Exploring of The Four Agreements

Tweet Boy am I in trouble – the 2nd Agreement is “Don’t Take Anything Personally” because I take everything personally.  I do not have a hard exterior shell.  Things do not bounce off of me and land somewhere else or even on someone else. Ruiz writes that we take things personally because we agree with […]

Re-Exploring The Four Agreements of don Miguel Ruiz

Tweet Since this is my 10th anniversary year of meeting Ruiz and hearing him speak, when it was suggested to me that I re-read his book, I was open to the idea. The 1st Agreement is “Be Impeccable with your Word.” We all know first-hand how powerful words are in life.  One beautifully said word […]

The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

Tweet Yesterday I had the very fortunate experience of having a one on one conversation with an amazing personal coach, Karen Monteverdi, of Portland, Oregon.  Her website is: Karen and I are part of a private group of women on Facebook of women who have been brought together in a forum to help each […]