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Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve

Tweet Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve – Barry Manilow sang about it, another year of auld lang syne… I am not being maudlin (isn’t that a cool word?) because actually the definition says that often tearful sadness is accompanied by booze. I am drinking coffee. It is just another night for me.  It was […]

Surviving While Trying to Reach Forgiveness

Tweet   Surviving while trying to reach forgiveness takes a lot of deep thought.  The thoughts invade your brain and you try to think them through and you eventually let go of them because you are still pissed off, you still hate someone or something, you want to slap/punch/kick in anger. This has been a […]

Surviving Firing Crazy People from Your Life

Tweet Surviving Firing Crazy People from Your Life   Yes, you will find yourself surviving firing crazy people from your life; in fact you will actually wonder what took you so long to say “You Are Fired.”   The other day a meme appeared on my Facebook wall and I am kicking myself for not […]

Surviving the Energy Vampire

Tweet Surviving the energy vampire isn’t easy.  By the time your energy vampire has gotten their teeth into you it becomes much more difficult.  We try so hard to be good friends, good people, nice people.  Sometimes we go to far and we find ourselves staring out of a deep abyss into nothingness after one […]

Surviving When Your Friend is a Bully

Tweet Goodness my life has changed so much since that day that I wrote a blog about my former BFF and she dumped me.  I really did not have the courage to dump her, so I took the passive/aggressive way out and wrote my feelings.  I wasn’t sure she would see it, but her daughter […]

Surviving Forgiving and Moving On

Tweet Surviving, forgiving and moving on is a topic that is near and dear to my heart because as I get older I realize how important it is to forgive people and move on past them.  I know that the reason to forgive anyone is for me, not for them.  The most amazing blessing that […]

Surviving the Phony People in Life and Business

Tweet Surving the phony people in life and business isn’t really that hard to do. Don’t attend the same events and if you do smile nicely say hello and get the hell away from them. Facebook – unfollow them.  They are usually uber-posting annoying people anyway. Twitter – unfollow them there too. Don’t connect on […]

Surviving the Urge to Kick Someone’s Ass

Tweet Surviving the urge to kick someone’s ass is not the title I wanted for this article.  I actually wanted to use “Surviving the Urge to Kill Someone”, then I realized that might a little too over-the-top as a title.  I started over.  I used “Surviving the Urge to Beat the Shit Out of Someone” […]

Surviving The Narcissist

Tweet A narcissist doesn’t know they are sick.  A narcissist thinks that they are fantastic and everyone else is – well beneath them. I was married to a narcissist and I don’t remember where my marriage vows said “in sickness and in health and that includes narcissism” because nothing in life prepares you for the […]

Surviving the Need to Explain Your Actions

Tweet Do you need to always explain your actions?  Why?  Let’s take a closer look at this because by the time you are a card-carrying responsible, living on your own adult, you should not be explaining your actions to anyone.  If you still are then perhaps you need to examine why you are so defensive […]