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#CycleofJoy 7

Tweet   Today was a perfect day to create this #CycleofJoy – we can all choose to be happy, many times it isn’t easy, but we can still choose it. Bookmark It Hide Sites

#CycleofJoy 6

Tweet Day late and a dollar short, I knew I was supposed to put this post up yesterday, but hey, my mind is never idle (or the devil would be playing there) and I got busy. Bookmark It Hide Sites

#CycleofJoy 3

Tweet It’s #CycleofJoy day and today even I had to dig a little deeper – it happens.  Shit happens.   I am finding it though in small pieces. Bookmark It Hide Sites

#CycleOfJoy 2

Tweet Every Tuesday I create a photo treasure as I call them and I share them all over social media because this is a new project I am working on and it is near and dear to my heart as I share my #cycleofjoy with everyone and hopefully help people find their own.   Bookmark […]

Surviving My Genius

Tweet Surviving my genius is not easy.  I am NOT saying I am a genius – what I am saying is that I have a genius.  Of course, she is female and she is real. There is another very real essence that comes to all of us, I just happen to see it (yes it […]