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#CycleofJoy 15

Tweet This is the week I have set aside to do a recording for a show.  I have been doing research, digging into my past, excavating old memories, and they are not happy times.  Thankfully I have a lot of joy in my life so being sad is ok.  Not dwelling on it, just digging […]

#CycleofJoy 14

Tweet This picture is stunning, right?  It brings me joy just to look at it, peace, love, warmth, and many other emotions come forth. Bookmark It Hide Sites

#CycleofJoy 13

Tweet I cannot describe how much enjoyment I get out of creating these photo quotes for #CycleofJoy.  People like them on Facebook where I post them every Tuesday.  Fun times.   Bookmark It Hide Sites

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Tweet I like creating this photo blog category.  It goes along with the project I am working on called #CycleofJoy and a book I am trying to find time to write.  Come visit my page on Facebook and see more – you can find me at Bookmark It Hide Sites