Breast Cancer is taking me to Miami and more!

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I have done a lot of blogging over the years on breast cancer, and shared a lot of thoughts as well as the thoughts of others.  Last week I launched my new blog – please visit.

I also am very proud of the format – and how far I have come in my life since my diagnosis.  I am speaking specifically to the fact that I can set up a customized blogging theme, change the colors, write some code, add the right bells and whistles and more.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever see myself doing this – never.

I am now offering custom blog pages to others and WOW getting paid for it.  Something else I never imagined in my wildest dreams.

I have also started a blogging workshop locally, and I am getting great response about this.  Blogging is fun, and everyone has a story, so you should start a blog.  Who knew that years ago when I started mine that I would get paid to write?  Who knew?  Not me.

Now I have a 5th blog and I write for a national site, and I am in contact with someone else who wants some writing done.

I have found my niche and I love it.

Now I have a wonderful vacation to begin to get really excited about.

If you see me in the Miami airport, you might want to say “Good job!” and my answer will be “Thanks, and it is a real one!”



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