Blog Stalkers

I have one stalker who actually sends me comments from time to time, I don’t publish them.  They usually have nothing to do with the site she comments on, they are just her way of thinking she can reach me.  She doesn’t have a lot of smarts because in order to comment on my blog site one has to register an email.  Emails can be faked, hers always are, but IP addresses cannot be faked, and an IP address comes with a latitude and longitude.  At that point google earth comes into play and BINGO points right at her address or your address – the Hollywood writers are not fabricating in police shows when they trace IP addresses to a perpetrator or a place.  It is real.  Google the phrase and you will find ways to trace an IP address accurately.

Other stalkers don’t leave comments but their methods of searching for me and looking at or for new posts show up in my statistics.  Blog sites do like to keep their bloggers safe and happy. 

Stalkers have one thing in common-they seem to always think a writer is writing about them.  Big egos-little brains.  There are thousands of people who read my blog, and many who comment to me here or to my email.  I gather information from many sources, do a lot of research and I am on over 20 social and work related networks as well as belonging to discussion groups and more.  I write in generalities or sometimes combine stories.  I do not name names so if I strike a nerve the chances that anyone else would know whom I am talking about are so small if not impossible. 

If my stalkers want to spend the rest of their lives believing everything I write is about them I can’t change that.  Just know this and I keep saying it on every venue I have open to me – nothing is private any longer-nothing.  Everything you put into a computer that takes you to another site remains on that server. 

The bottom line is if you don’t want to see yourself in a blog, any blog, don’t wave a red flag alert or make a challenging comment to anyone.  The internet, social networks and blog sites are ripe with opportunities to go public on anyone.  Outrageous behavior attracts outrageous commentary!

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