Blagojevich Did You Fall Out of the Stupid Tree?

I am double posting this because while the TUTD headline has a readership I wanted to capture more readership with this headline.

OH MY GOD what the hell was Rod Blagojevich thinking?  Did he fall out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down?  He could have had it all.  He was planning to run for president in 2016.  He talked about it when he was my Congressman when I lived in Illinois.  Thumb’s down to you Rod.  You are a disgrace to your family, to your children, to your heritage, to your state and most of all to yourself.  How low can you go?

I read that US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald connected him to the infamous Tony Rezko.  You all remember Tony.  He is connected to Obama buying the mansion he lives in there on the South Side of Chicago.  I have kept quiet long enough.  I have said all along there is something bad brewing in Illinois politics.  Now it will all start to unravel.  Fitzgerald is reported to be a Democrat and he does not allow his political party beliefs to stop him from prosecuting offenders.  Thumb’s up to Fitzgerald who is also still investigating ACORN and their alleged voter fraud.  Thumb’s up to him for arresting Blagojevich now because there is something that is just not smelling good in Illinois right now.

Forget Denmark, there is something much more rotten in Illinois these days.

I remember so well how shocked we all were when Mayor Daley sent the bulldozers into rip up the landing strip at Meig’s Field our local downtown airport.  He claimed that would protect us from potential terrorist attacks.  He sent bulldozers into Meig’s Field in the middle of the night and they carved X marks in the runways rendering the airport unusable.  In 2003 Daley got his park.  The park stands where Meig’s once stood.  How the hell did this ever happen?  Illinois politics that’s how.  There must be something in Lake Michigan water that affects the brains of the politicians there to the point where they believe they can do anything they want to do without consequences.  I am not a Richie fan, but many Chicagoan’s love the man and his father.  The Daley Machine, well I can’t help but wonder if this whole new scandal will trickle down to Richie.  What is Richie’s roll in all of this?

Fitzgerald was quoted as saying “Lincoln must be rolling over in his grave” over the arrest of Blagojevich.  The whole state of Illinois has to be in shock with the exception of anyone who works on the Tribune.  They always had the Governor under their microscope.  I wonder how they really feel about all the rest of the politcals there.  Thumb’s up to the Trib-you did not back down.  Now I would like to see them tell everything they know or suspect.  Too many reporters and their employers have turned to reporting how they themselves feel and not what Main Street feels.  They have filled American’s with hype for a long time now and they need to start reporting for us and be on our side.  Stop kissing political ass and tell it like it is.  When did they lose their focus and become afraid to tell the real story?  When did they become afraid to be reporters?  Journalism used to be about exposing the truth, telling the truth, uncovering the truth and more.  Now it feels like payola, almost like they got paid to put a spin on certain people and they would get rewarded if they did.  This spills over into the national news too.  They crucified candidates with no remorse.  They did not give fair balance. Thumb’s down to how the media has changed.  Money talks and bullshit walks.

And never forget absolute power corrupts absolutely, is anyone besides me concerned that there are people calling Obama president to the world?  Go ahead google that phrase-see what people are saying.

Remember there are a lot of people who did not vote Obama, so while electorally he won,  he has not won the total trust of many of us (yet) and he may never do that.  Me, I go with my gut, and my gut has never been comfortable with Obama.  Something to me doesn’t feel right.  Something sticks in my craw and I am not sure what a craw is, but it is sticking there.

Maybe it is because I lived many years in Illinois and there seems to be something rotten in Illinois.

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