Big Girl Panty Time

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This has been an interesting week. By the time it was over between Larry and I we were called 6 not so nice names.

It started out wonderfully, I had appointments all lined up for my newest venture – teaching beginners how to get on Facebook.  If you think that’s an easy job, think again.  It takes patience, lots of patience.  That’s ok, I do have patience.

Before I left the house I threw one more plea out there on my wall to “like” my page to my friends, and a very nice friend of mine took my plea and posted it to her wall.   Unfortunately I think that is what caused someone to fly into a fit of rage.  I did not see the angry post until I got to my appointment and I was just shocked.

This is basically what was written in my words:

3 months ago a prospect had come to this person for help – whoa stop right there.  I was never a prospect.  I would never have hired this person.  I wanted to meet this person because they know so many local people and we do not.  A friend suggested I meet this person.

It was written that I stated our business is failing – whoa stop again.  Those are fighting words to begin with and words that could get you a letter from an attorney.  Our business is far from failing – we are in real estate.  We specialize in International real estate. International real estate doesn’t happen where we live and we know that. Existing in real estate in these tougher times is not a sign of being a failure.

The post went on to say that we had NO IDEA how to market our business. We are always on the top pages of Google and other searches.  We have to have “some” idea. What I actually said that day was we had “failed” by not getting out & meeting people here, people whom we could network with.

At that point the wall post went on to say we (now there was a “we”) were billing ourselves as experts and coaches in social media marketing.  This is absolutely not true.

The wall post closed by stating we are bastardizing the industry – whoa were we called bastards?  I think that was a close to what was being said – so do our friends.  There were other pouty statements made and a slight pity party moment and that was it.

I unfriended this person but before I did I said I “liked” the statement – that’s me putting my big girl panties on, then I waited, two people commented with comments that really made no sense, and then I pulled the plug on our “friendship.”

Everyone is entitled to their own version of how a meeting went down.  What I remember is that when I did have that meeting I was told we should start a grass roots real estate company here where we live, join the Chamber of Commerce, join the Kiwanis, join, join, join – all well and good if I had walked in asking how to build a local business.  Two reasons I would not hire this person, first there was no listening happening at their end to my needs, second there was the perpetual glancing at a watch.

In closing my rebuttal here all I can say is people should do their homework.  Professionally people should make a phone call, get the facts before going on an attack.  You do get judged by your actions.  My new business is not a threat to this person’s business – I teach basic skills then I refer my customers out if they still need more help.  I am not an expert, I am not a coach.  I am just someone who wants to make it easier for people to do some social media marketing and build their confidence in using it.

We were called 6 names this week.  Prospect.  Failure.  Stupid.  Liar.  Bastard.  Oh and then there was the class act person who wanted “free” info without giving his name and email from an advertisement – he called Larry a maggot.

Children play nicer next week, please and remember you do own every choice you make.

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  • Shandelle Johnson says:

    Wow! Sounds like one heck of a week. There is alway a bad apple in any crowd, luckily you tossed this apple aside and moved on. Life is too short. If I had a dollar or 10 for every person that asked for free travel advice I would be retired living in Malibu in Cali. No joke! I give out minimal information unless you are actually using my services, then you get so much. I would never ask an attorney or another professional for free advice, why do people feel the need to do that?

    • admin says:

      Here is the deal on the free info – you have to opt in – it’s part of lead capturing – this person obviously did not want to do that so he went to all the trouble to find Larry – it was an ad on Craig’s list and then send him that message. LOL and thanks for your kind words – this apple isn’t even a ripe one yet – everyone better be prepared to duck down the road. 🙂

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