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Airsoft Gun Accident Shoots Friend’s Son in the Eye

Tweet Image via Wikipedia I am shocked.  That is putting it mildly.  I am totally unbelievably effing shocked that my friend’s 10 year old son has been shot in the eye with a “toy” gun. I am a former ER nurse who worked in a county hospital trauma unit.  I have seen gunshot wounds.  I […]

Kent State University Has It Really Been 40 Years?

Tweet Boy does time fly.  40 years ago I was sitting in my office in downtown Cleveland when my mother called crying her eyes out.  When I finally got her calmed down she was able to tell me I had to go to Kent, Ohio and get my brother, Danny and bring him home.  The […]

What I Know for Sure – The Oil Spill Has My County Under a State of Emergency

Tweet Last week I posted a comment on Facebook about how horrible the oil spill is, and how I am against off shore oil drilling in the gulf.  A lot of people shy away from making political statements on Facebook because comments inflame people, angry words spill out, and sometimes friendships suffer.  I only had one […]

What I Know for Sure – Oprah Looks Terrible, Kim K has a Big Booty, Sandra Bullock Should Pack Heat

Tweet Even the morning news shows dip into the celebrity gossip stories, and what I know for sure is they do this because it  boosts ratings.  Take The Today Show, the only show that had the balls to interview Kitty Kelley about her new “tell all” book about Oprah Winfrey.  I love The Today Show, […]

Studies Still Show We Marry Our Dads

Tweet I have had a lot of reaction to my posts about not marrying a man who has no respect for their mothers.  This happened to me in life either in marriage or in dating 3 times.  I was drawn to men who actually intensely hate their moms.  I am beginning to realize that these […]

What I know For Sure 03/09/10 Need More Juvaderm

Tweet Plain and simply put I could use more Juvaderm.  I was interviewed for a segment on Facebook hacking here in the Tampa Bay area by ABC television. My marionette lines, as they are kindly called, did not look kind at all. Nope-I need to sell a couple houses and get a touch-up for sure.  […]

What I Know for Sure 03/05/10

Tweet What I know for sure right now is that backstabbing people wear dresses more than they wear 3 piece suits. I know that even the longest of friendships can turn ugly. I know that there are some very strange women in this world, and some very mean ones at that. I learned all this firsthand […]

More on Facebook "Security"

Tweet My telephone rang earlier this week and much to my surprise it was a reporter from our local ABC television station here in Tampa asking me if he could interview me for a story he was doing on hacking and phishing on Facebook. I was surprised and asked him how he found me – […]

Computer Hacking is a Big Business

Tweet This past weekend I learned a lot about the world of hacking first hand and hope I never have to be part of that world again.  Unfortunately though hacking has become a way of attacking other people and other countries. On Sunday my husband gave me an article from The New York Times that […]