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Cause Breaking Up is Hard to Do – Neil Sedaka

Tweet Image via Wikipedia Across time and throughout our lives we have often had to face the realities that something in our lives in not working any longer.  I can think all the way back to high school when it was just “easier” to let a boyfriend break up with you.  Maybe some of us […]

We face years of Toxic Rain | Before It’s News

Tweet We face years of Toxic Rain | Before It’s News. I do understand how the Russian’s like to exaggerate – but since rain does draw from the seas this horrible dispersant is going to be covering our atmosphere without a doubt.  Corexit 9500 is banned in Europe.  A group of people in Ohio thought […]

To Social Network/Tech Communicate or Not – Follow up.

Tweet Image via Wikipedia This topic has certainly generated a lot of interest.  I have had private emails, Facebook discussions,  comments, and phone calls from people I know.  All in all the doors of discussing how we  choose to communicate including embracing new technologies have been thrown wide open. One friend reminded me that using a phone […]

Dear Rod E Smith

Tweet New friends and followers can be simply the best – and once again I owe an idea for blogging to a very inspiring man, Rod E. Smith, MSMFT. Rod actually found my blog about a month ago and he picked up the phone and called me.  How is that for cool?  I immediately recommended […]


Tweet Image via Wikipedia Now we all know that during the election we were promised that the pork would stay out of proposed bills, we do know that right?  Yesterday a blog was posted on the Inman News regarding what the author uncovered hiding in the HEALTH CARE REFORM PACKAGE.  It’s not pretty, and it […]

How Friendships Change with Tech/Social Network Communication

Tweet Image via Wikipedia One of the biggest ways I believe friendships change these days is when someone doesn’t move forward with the changing times of how we communicate now. A clear example is present in my own life – I send a text and don’t get a reply.  I am not looking to start […]

The Real Truth About the Oil Spill

Tweet Image by philippe leroyer via Flickr What I know for sure is you won’t get it out of Washington.  You won’t get it on the nightly news.  You won’t get it in any syndicated articles UNLESS they are coming from any of the local newspapers in the gulf states.  If you want the real […]

What I Know for Sure About the Oil Spill

Tweet I stayed away from this subject for too long and I decided I can’t stay away.  It is injuring our way of life here in the Gulf states – it is a crisis of the worst proportions.  It is a serial killer because it is going to destroy innumerable living things. It’s the OIL […]

Face On, Face Off – Social Network Infighting

Tweet Boy did I piss some people off this weekend. I had a face off on Facebook.  I stepped on some last damn nerves and now that the furor has died down I am laughing at it.  I wasn’t laughing at it when it happened because as usual I was really ticked myself, then I went […]