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We are all survivors of many things. I started this blog because I received a birthday card with a pin in it that read "I Survived Damn Near Everything" and I just decided to write about every damn thing I survived. An alcoholic friend, narcissistic ex-husband, worse yet a narcissistic business partner in breast cancer, breast cancer too, suicide, a child molesting dead ex-husband, oh yeah that's one I have not written about yet. There is more - we all have demons in our lives, some tragic, some we can laugh at right?

Surviving Emotional Chest Pain

Tweet Emotional chest pain is something I have had since the day Larry had his stroke.  I would sub-consciously find myself rubbing my breast bone and usually because my brain knew I was trying to alleviate the pain, it worked. It never frightened me, it was just my heartbreak coming to the surface whenever I […]

Surviving an Over-Flowing Heart Filled with Love

Tweet Dammit references to love, lovers, hearts, flowers, chocolates, diamonds and more are everywhere right now. We didn’t make a fuss on Valentine’s Day.  We loved each other every day and made sure that we both were very aware of that.  Our hearts were always full. My heart was full watching Larry take care of […]

Surviving the Month, the Day, the Hour, and the Minute Life Changed Forever Part 1

Tweet   I have read so much on the topic of surviving the time life changed forever.  It is fast approaching and I have been setting protective measures in place. I have asked for phone calls and text messages and I am meeting with my bereavement counselor for about 90 minutes that day.  I will […]

Surviving The Songs That Hurt Your Heart

Tweet I don’t know who posted this link on social media today, I am just grateful I found it because surviving the songs that hurt your heart get played. My love of Carole King and James Taylor (ok throw in a little Carly Simon too) goes back years. Tapestry, in my opinion, is one of […]

Surviving Grief Exhaustion

Tweet Grief exhaustion is a very real thing.  I have learned to recognize it when it is attacking me.  I didn’t catch it over Christmas though because I didn’t know that what I felt or what was happening to me was grief exhaustion. It’s very real.  It is debilitating. Christmas was on a Wednesday and […]

Surviving Grief in Gratitude

Tweet I was clueless when I first started to write how my story would unfold and eventually help others.  It truly amazes me that I receive messages of gratitude from so many people for putting my feelings out there. This morning I read what I wrote at the very beginning and I had to stop […]

Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve

Tweet Surviving Just Another New Year’s Eve – Barry Manilow sang about it, another year of auld lang syne… I am not being maudlin (isn’t that a cool word?) because actually the definition says that often tearful sadness is accompanied by booze. I am drinking coffee. It is just another night for me.  It was […]

Surviving the Shock of the Change that Comes with Grief

Tweet One minute we were finishing dinner and enjoying a glass of wine and in the blink of an eye Larry had a massive stroke and died in my arms.  Talk about the shock that comes with change, this was classic PTSD. Suddenly things that mattered to me every damn day of the week were […]

Surviving the Realization That Holiday Traditions Died Too

Tweet There are times when my grief brain keeps me from making a connection possibly it is protecting me from sadness and overwhelm and I am grateful for that.   Take yesterday for example when it hit me that when Larry died so did every tradition we created together. I had not thought about that […]