My wife, Carole, asked me to do her about page because she felt funny doing her own.  Funny?  That is what she is and her life has been filled with highly amusing exciting ups and downs.  Carole loves to share her stories because as she puts it, she probably should have been a life coach or a counselor because her experiences have given her great insight in how to walk through many fires.

I have not known her as long as some people reading her posts.  I did not know her when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I never met her immediate family, they were gone physically or spiritually when we met.  That’s another wonderful story about surviving other relationships to find each other.

Carole is kind and caring, loving and respectful, but she will tell you what she is thinking.  She is currently working on a book about how good it feels to help others, she has several stories in the works including one about her father in France during WWII that she can pass on to her children who did not get to know him.  She has been published in a tourism magazine and has written scientific presentations for a local doctor.

She is also the author of 3 business blogs and has recently as of 1/11/11 launched her new business aptly named The Social Butterfly Media Marketing where she helps clients become more proficient and efficient in social media marketing.

After many years of having her friends as well as myself tell her she needs to start writing, she finally listened and that is why she started this blog.

Carole lives north of Tampa, Florida with me and our three sweet dogs, Taffy, Corky and our newbie Miss Willie, as well as three birds, Einstein, Piper and Pin.  Carole is a fully licensed Florida Realtor, she is an Certified Redesign Specialist having completed her training in Chicago and has her own business in this field.  She has volunteered for years with the Susan G. Komen organization and my proudest moment of my beautiful wife was in 2006 when she trained and completed the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk here in Tampa Bay.  Carole puts her heart and soul into everything she does and she was determined to raise $100 a mile (she did better than that) as well as walk a mile for every year she has been blessed to be alive.

When I asked her why she is putting her entire life out there for others to see, her response was “It got me where I am now and hopefully it will inspire others along the way and make people laugh and maybe I will make some new friends too.” Carole makes me laugh every day so sit back and enjoy her writings. You can email Carole at her hotmail account carolelynne46@hotmail.com – she will answer!

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