A Man’s Perspective on Getting a Mammogram

It pinched.  Maybe twice, is what he said.  I know we all have a different tolerance for pain, and men are allegedly the stronger sex-yeah right go have a baby with full blown hard labor and we will know who is stronger.

The aftermath and end result is we are still in the dark.  We had a long talk with the radiologist who read his mammograms and ultrasound and her best advice is good advice but hard to hear.  We are in a holding pattern for 30 days.  At the end of that time Larry will have another mammogram and the films will be compared for size of the mass.  If it has diminished in size then it is probably a hematoma.

That doesn’t explain why a hematoma is present though.  She did tell us that a cancerous tumor can cause a blood vessel to rupture so that could explain the bruising he has now.

If it is the same size it is probably a sebaceous cyst or fatty tumor.  If it is bigger – well we don’t want to think about it.

Basically unless it decreases in size he will need a biopsy.

So we wait. 

I have had to wait before with my breast cancer and it is not fun.  I had to wait through 2 breast MRI exams two years ago and sweated those results.

We live in a “have it now” world – we do not want to wait.  Waiting sucks.

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