A B C and D of Choosing to be a Leader

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There you have it.  It is really all about the first four letters of the alphabet.  It is also extremely easy learning.  In conclusion if you follow these 4 letters to the letter you can be a leader.

Many people think and believe they are already leaders.  If you drew a circle and then put let’s say 6 small circles inside this large circle and added on medium sized circle guess who the medium circle represents.  I know you can figure this one out-it’s the person who believes they are a leader.  Truthfully they are leading that group, but what are they leading?  They are leading an adoring group of people they need to have admire them because they can’t leave that circle to go into a circle of identical size.

They have probably tried that but it did not last long.  They can’t bounce off of the same size circles and feel important.  They need the smaller circle who adore them to be the king!  Every time they try to leave they bounce back.  Why?  Well here comes the letter A.

A.  They are imprisoned in a circle of their own making because of whom they affiliate themselves with in that circle.  They are the leader of people that adore them but they are not happy with their circle.  A = affiliate. Like may attract like but not when you want to come out a leader.

B. If you don’t read, you will never lead.  In order to be a magnificent leader you must read.  Read what?  Books.  Yes, books.  B = Books. There is so much that you can digest and regurgitate in a conversation that will season you with power.  I am serious – knowledge is power as well as impressive.  Unless you are the buffoon type in life, what you read will help you lead.

C.  Oh this is my favorite, and I have been blogging about it quite regularly in the past several weeks.  C = Choice. when you make a choice you have set your life in motion.  If you make a bad choice there is a chance of redemption.  If you continue to make bad choices you will always be the small circle in life but when you choose wisely you can lead with belief.  People will believe in you.  People may even stand when you enter a room.  The choices we make that we own up to define our leadership roles in life.

D.  D is kind of an afterthought for me.  When I began to write today I did not have a letter D.  It soon came to me though when I began to think what makes  a leader stand out in a crowd.  D = Dare to Do something Different. All leaders of anything in life dare to do something different.

In complete belief of being as honest and ethical as I can be, I do owe the A, B, C to a speaker I listened to yesterday.  I took his ideas and added my personal interpretation.  Thank you Alan B. Thompson.

We are living in tough times.  We all struggle over something but in closing there are those who do see the light and there are those who won’t drag their sorry asses off the couch to turn the light switch on.

If you want to succeed, this is the time to lead.

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