When Pink is Really Green


I am going on my 19th year of life after breast cancer.  Normally I spend October writing volumes about it. My life has changed and there are plenty of angels out there extolling the merits of early detection as I start an entire new category in blogging called “Surviving the Scams of the Pink Ribbon – When Pink is Really Green”.

Nothing is more irritating to me than finding companies and people who use the pink ribbon to line their wallets.  Then there are those who start a project that prey on survivors also and this IS the year (starting now) that I plan to do a lot of research to expose those who use our pink ribbon in unethical ways.

If anyone reading this post has something to share, please email me – carolelynne46@hotmail.com

All emails will always remain confidential – I am looking for tips on who to do some investigation on and I promise the only names I plan to name are those who violate our trust and those who don’t give back.

It’s time to expose the people and companies who use our diagnosis, our trials and tribulations to their personal or corporate advantage.






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