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Knowing Me, Knowing You (Top of the Poppers album)

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I knew you had gotten a job.  I did not know where, I just woke up knowing you were getting a job offer.  This “talent” has happened to me ALL my life.  I am clairvoyant.  I am not mystically a psychic.  I cannot pick winning lottery numbers, I just have a way of knowing things are going to happen.  I know when someone is going to call me.  I know when someone is going to knock at my door.  I know when something is going to happen before it does, and better yet most of the things I know in advance are good things.  That’s something to be thankful for, I don’t want to see really bad things.  However I do know when someone is false.  I can feel their falseness, I can see their aura too, and they know that I know.  I am Hungarian, I have gypsy blood and I see things and I know things.

It all started back in high school and I know if I had really pursued it my talents would be scaring the crap out of me, so I accept the little moments of  “sudden knowledge” that are revealed to me.  I have learned to love these moments and embrace them.

Yes, I knew my good friend would be employed today.  She texted me this afternoon confirming it.

I suspect that my knowing has been heightened recently by classes I am taking called “Belly Basics”.  In these classes we work with our core and our Chakras.  I have had many clairvoyant moments over the past three weeks.  I also have seen the false prophets too.  My 3rd eye Chakra has been closed for too long, and it is open and working overtime.

I am going to continue my Chakra work and is it gets too uncomfortable I can always pull back, for now it is fun.  So if you hear ABBA singing “Knowing Me, Knowing You” when I am near, I have you on my radar :-0

Don’t email me asking for lotto numbers, if I could see those would I be writing this blog?




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