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This has been an extremely emotional day for the United States with the Casey Anthony trial being brought to a close with a verdict of “not guilty”.  Those 2 words brought us to our knees.

The first thing I want everyone to remember is that unfortunately and sadly children die at the hands of their parents every day.  Do we know the names of these children?  No.  The national media doesn’t show up at every child killer’s trial, they couldn’t afford it or have enough reporters on hand.

The media tried Casey Anthony and now we have people wanting her blood.  Excuse me, but when did the court system in the USA unravel and leave you in charge?  It didn’t.

Twelve jurors were given this case to decide, and they couldn’t push the “guilty” button.  Let’s dissect that reasoning.  In order to push that button they had to believe beyond ALL reasonable doubt that Casey killed her daughter in cold blood.  They needed to believe that she killed her in a pre-meditated state of mind and then danced her daughter’s life away over the next 31 days.  That did not happen.

The state of Florida did not prove that, they couldn’t.  They were hell bent on a death penalty case and I do believe Casey is responsible for Caylee’s death.  I do believe she or someone she knows played a part in it.  I do not believe my state of Florida should have ever made it a death penalty case.  There was never enough evidence to convict on that charge.

Now we have double jeopardy, Casey can never be tried again.  She can shout it from Bok Tower that she killed her daughter and nothing can be done about it.  She is free as a bird, or is she?  I don’t think so. Everywhere she goes she will be recognized.  Her life has irrevocably been changed and unless she has major plastic surgery and never sees her family again, she will have fingers pointed at her wherever she goes.

While she will be free to go where she pleases, she will never be free.  She will live in a prison of her own making.

In the meantime as shocking as it is, we need to accept it and move on.  We can’t change anything – this is the way our country works.  Sometimes bad people win.  I don’t like it but I accept it because unfortunately there is always another Caylee.



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