You ARE your Shining Star

Shiny star / Milagro de abril

My life has changed so much over the past year.  There have been many ups, and very few downs.  I finally put into practice something I learned a long time ago.   When you move past anyone or anything that makes you doubt yourself, your life just shines.

I remember the movie “Carousel” and how it opened with Billy Bigelow polishing glass stars in heaven.  That’s the kind of shine I always wanted in life.  Even though Billy had departed this earth, he was in heaven polishing stars and those stars reflected fragments of rainbows.  This past year I have seen many rainbows.

I used to feel gut-wrenching guilt if I even considered letting go of someone or something.  The one thing I learned this past year is I wasted a lot of time feeling bad about things.   When I dug deeper, I saw I wasted a lot of time on people and things that I allowed to make me feel bad about my life.  It’s one thing to feel bad yourself but totally another thing to suddenly realize you felt  bad because you allowed someone to make you feel that way.

I think those of us who try to make people-pleasing a life career suffer from this abuse from others more than anyone else.  It takes growing testicles or bigger testicles if you are a man to draw that final line in the sand and move on.  Often times that line in the sand should be a barbed wire fence, because we, ourselves, cross it in an attempt to maybe test the waters one more time.  It doesn’t work because while we are in the throes of positive change, others aren’t. That’s okay though, because all it does is reinforce that you made the right decision.

When you regain your shine so many wonderful opportunities begin to happen.  These opportunities were there before, but we don’t see them because we were not shining.

When we begin to shine (again) we don’t need people to polish our stars because our stars don’t ever dim.

Without a doubt this has been an incredible year for me, career-wise it has been not only transformational.  but highly successful.

I am launching a brand new blog soon.  It will match a Facebook page I recently created called “After Breast Cancer, Reviving, Surviving, Thriving”.  There are no pink ribbons.  There is a pale pink rose blooming in a snowstorm.  I believe there are enough pink ribbons in this world and this blog is about those of us who have faced the bitter diagnosis of breast cancer, and have taken that diagnosis and bloomed.  That is my message.

What has brought me to this new direction is all that went before that I learned from in life.  Those who discouraged me the most brought me to this point.  Thank goodness I had the energy left to polish my stars again and shine.

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