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There is this chick on Facebook whom I will call Blondie.  She is blonde. While I am not drawing a line between being blonde and being well-the word “duh” comes to mind, let’s just say she fits the picture.

A long, long time ago she requested my friendship and because I have a lot of friends in the same town she lives in, I accepted her request. 

The friends I have there are real friends not just numbers on my list.  I personally know these people.  We have history.  We actually talk on the phone.  I actually go to see them.  In other words, these are truly friends. 

In the spirit of being friends we confide in each other.  One day I was on the phone with Jack.  (I changed his name to protect the innocent.)

Over a lengthy conversation he told me that while he does not have a real girlfriend, he does go to meetups and one particular woman usually shows up and the rest is on a need-to-know basis.  He slyly admitted to me that she is a cougar woman. 

As time went on I noticed that if he and I shared a conversation on Facebook, Blondie would show up and disagree with whatever opinion I took.  The “friendship” she requested was beginning to be annoying.

Then she stepped it up a bit and would argue my opinions on Jack’s page.  The day he took my side and agreed with me was when she unfriended me and I thought “Aha – the cougar has bared her teeth.”

Over the next several months this kept happening, and pretty soon my other friends in that area commented so we had a few fun email moments discussing Jack and Blondie and their “secret” that was now out.

I recently told my entire Facebook world that secrets do eventually start to unravel.  I wrote that I know who would love to do the vertical mambo with whom.  I know it by the amount of time they show up on each other’s walls and by that slight little change of writing tone.  I know who is actually having an affair.  I know the wife who knows her husband is cheating.  No one has admitted anything,  again it is not hard to read between the lines.

I know who is unhappy, who drinks too much, who steals from their employer – oh yes it is amazing what people really write thinking that their little secret world is safe.

Getting back to Blondie and her insecurities with me being on her secret lovers wall though.  This week a comment was made about the weather.  Now there is an innocuous comment.  I wrote that I actually like the humidity, it does wonderful things for my curls, and my skin.  Blondie argued back with me in an indirect way but as usual she tripped over her words, made no sense at all and I shut her down nicely because I do not like to be mean.

I really would like to tell her that I would have a battle of the wits with her but I don’t like fighting with an unarmed person.    Makes me giggle when I see that.

However if I wrote that then she would probably block me and then all the entertainment value we all receive when she does try to annoy me would be lost.

OK Blondie reload your weapon I will be waiting.

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