3000 Miles, 10 Days and Only 1 Argument

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Not bad….considering.  3000 miles is a lot of 24/7, however with 11 years of a great marriage to fall back on, one argument is really not bad at all.  It was stupid too.  We were tired, crabby, and I don’t even know what caused it but by the next morning all was well.

We drove from Tampa to Chicago with stops along the way to see people and “things” we had memories of, and Chicago was warm, sunny, and wonderful.  Lottery gods please?  We agreed we would go back in a nano second if the opportunity presented itself to us.

If you are in Chicago or live in Chicago you HAVE to eat at The Purple Pig on Illinois Ave right off Michigan Avenue.

We saw family and more family.  We watched our 7 year old grand daughter open all her wonderful presents.  We ate too much, we drank a lot of great wine and we shopped till we dropped.

Next leg was off to Cleveland Ohio with one stop to visit our former neighbors in Indiana and we saw more family, we watched our 7 month old grandson open presents, we drank and ate and yes we shopped.

The two towns are different yet similar.  We ate ethnic food that probably created new twists and turns in our arteries.  We brought a cooler full of kielbasa, pierogies and pork shanks home with us on dry ice.  We had incredible meals in Chicago, in Cleveland we always go to a Michael Symon (The Chew, Iron Chef, friend to Mario Batali) restaurant.  Lolita did not disappoint.  We toured old building in Cleveland and we even went to Riverside Cemetery where my baby uncle is buried.

Highlight though was seeing the house where “A Christmas Story” was filmed and yes you can tour the house, we missed the time by 15 minutes.

You can go home again but you have to go with the mind set that while the old familiar places are there (maybe) making new memories and embracing the changes is so important.

When it was time to leave we stopped in Atlanta to visit with friends and it was a very nice evening.  The next morning was sunny and warm weather was envel0ping us – one more stop to interview Erica Nicole, a lovely young country western singer for a magazine article before finally pulling in our driveway at 730PM.

This is the last time we will do a trip like this at the holidays, we will go back and forth, and it was worth every dime, every minute, even the one dumb argument.

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